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Contractions with be. affirmative

In spoken Englich it is common to use cintractions. The to contractions for the verb be are as follows.

am <  'm   (I'm)
is    <  's     (He's)
are <  're   (they're)

Rewrite the fallowing sentences using subjet pronouns and contractions 

1. I am secretary at the Ohillios Company
     I'm secretary at the Ohillios Company                        

2. Kathy and Nick are at the movies
     They're at the movies                                                   

3. My brother and I are in the same English class
      We're in the same English class                                  

4.The magazine is on the coffe table
      It's on the coffe table                                                    

5. You are absolutely  right
      You're absolutely  right                                                

6. Steven is in the lenguage lab
      He's in the lenguage lab                                              
7.The flowers in yours garden are beautiful
     They're beautiful                                                           

8. Martha is an enginner
      She's an enginner                                                        

9. You and John are in my class
     You're in my class                                     

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